Ian Coristine’s book “One in a Thousand” offers a look at the ‘digital revolution’

Acclaimed Canadian photographer Ian Coristine has made himself a home in the 1000 Islands on the “perfect island” that came up for sale at just the right time.

Serendipity. It’s a word that Mr. Coristine rarely thinks about, but to anyone listening to, and now reading, his life’s tales, it’s obvious that he has had many serendipitous events in the past 20 years.

Today, Mr. Coristine, a best-selling photographer known for his aerial photography of the 1000 Islands region, is launching his latest, and arguably greatest, adventure. “One in a Thousand,” Mr. Coristine’s memoirs of how he discovered the 1000 Islands, his life since, and his life prior, is available in the Apple App store for iPad for $8.99.

The “One in a Thousand” app offers what Mr. Coristine and app developer the McLellan Group are calling the first in a “digital revolution.”

“We have a very unusual collaboration going on here. A photographer and writer, myself, a deeply talented writer and editor, Donna Walsh Inglehart, a visionary software and production company, the McLellan Group, and an award-winning band, the Great Lake Swimmers, are all contributing to bring a true story to life,” Mr. Coristine said in an email.

The app is an immersion of text, photo, video and audio, integrated with slideshows, musical tracks and maps.

NNY Living will feature a full story about Mr. Coristine and “One in a Thousand” in the upcoming spring issue. Check back for details about where to pick up a copy, or visit our subscription page.

Mr. Coristine’s book is available by visiting: http://oneinathousand.ca/wdt