A snow belt survival guide

Native or new, a top 10 to get you through a NNY winter

It won’t be long before north country days bring snowfall from the heavens. Don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to survive — and thrive — without contracting cabin fever. Photo by Jason Hunter/Watertown Daily Times.

Surviving a north country winter doesn’t have to be an uphill battle in the blinding snow. Here are a few easy — and affordable — ways to add some fun to our shortened days in Northern New York without losing your mind.

10.) Take a group class. Being forced inside by bone-chilling temperatures and snow may is the perfect opportunity to add a little variety to your exercise regimen. Local branches of the YMCA offer a variety of group fitness classes, including yoga, pilates and Zumba. YMCA memberships are less than $35 a month for adults, and with different classes being held daily, it would be tough to get bored. Local branches of the Y include the Downtown YMCA, 119 Washington St., Watertown, Fairgrounds YMCA, 585 Rand Drive, Watertown, and the Carthage YMCA, 250 State St. Visit www.watertownymca.org for information and membership rates.


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