Opera cake: perfection in six acts

Rainbow Shores' opera cake. Photo by Norm Johnston/NNY Living

By Rebekah Alford
Executive chef and partner, Rainbow Shores, Pulaski

The classic opera cake is a work in six acts. Three thin layers of almond cake, each soaked in potent coffee syrup, a layer of espresso-flavored butter cream, a layer of ganache and a topping of chocolate glaze. Traditionally, white lettering “opera” decorates the top with gold leaf ornaments. The French patisserie house Dalloyau popularized this elaborate French dessert.In selecting a dessert, I aspire to the more challenging recipes. I like to utilize a variety of techniques and specialty ingredients. The opera cake is no exception. I especially enjoy making and serving this fabulous cake. When properly prepared it all comes together in a rich, delicate fascination for the tongue.

This recipe makes a large cake, but to achieve success, size should not be altered.

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