‘Must Haves’ for Holiday Travel



Just ask anyone who has ever set foot inside of an airport, and you almost always end up hearing about some type of emotional roller-coaster experience. It may have started when that person first stepped in line for security. Maybe a water bottle had been forgotten inside a carry-on bag, so that bag along with all other belongings were pulled off to the side to be searched. Even that one incident probably added another ten minutes onto the person’s travel time in the security line, along with a lot of unwanted stress.

    It’s not usually until after you pass through the security lines, grab your bags, and find your terminal that you can finally start to relax. Assuming your flight is leaving on time, you may just have a few minutes before the next challenge – boarding your plane.

     There are a lot of great things about flying. It’s faster than most other forms of transportation, and sometimes you may even get snacks. But, planes can be too cold, too hot, and even too noisy. To ensure you have the most relaxing flight possible, we put together a list of items to handle any situation.

  • Carry-on Bag

     By far the most important item you want when you’re traveling is a great carry-on bag.  Having a thin suitcase that is easy to store is important, especially for short trips. The Goplus Globalway travel bag has four wheels for easy transporting, is lightweight at 6.6 pounds, and comes equipped with a scratch-proof shell. If you pick up some items you want to bring home, it even has a second zipper to expand for more space.

  • Sky Skarf

     If you’ve ever sat in an airplane seat before, you know how uncomfortable the headrests can be. The travel pillows you can pick up in the gift shops near the terminals are stiff and, often times, not very visually appealing. The Sky Skarf is comfortable and stylish. With its 100 percent cotton fabric and versatile ways to wrap it, you’re guaranteed a comfy headrest. When you’re deplaning, just roll it up and stick it in your carry-on for easy stow-away.

  • Passport Holder

     Having a cover for your passport can make it easier to find if it’s tossed into the bottom of your bag. It protects the passport from any damage, and it’s also a stylish addition for your travels. Most passport holders are dual functioning, as they contain additional pockets for credit cards and money.

  • Noise-cancelling headphones

     Listening to music or watching a movie is one of the fastest ways to make the time fly during a flight. Unfortunately, sometimes you end up on a packed plane with noisy and restless children, or the person adjacent to you has loud music blaring from his or her headphones. Sony’s noise-cancelling headphones are the best way to avoid unwanted background noise. The ear muffs are comfortable and the head strap is adjustable. They even fold up nicely for easy storing.

  • Reusable Water bottle

     Save money (and the Earth!) by using a reusable water bottle when you travel. There are a few different sizes depending on what you prefer to carry. Just don’t forget to empty it before you go through security. You can fill it up at a drinking fountain once you’ve made it through, saving yourself a lot of money on plastic bottles.

  • Tea Bags

     Along with having an adequate supply of water to stay hydrated, tea can also do wonders for you. It can help you relax, hydrate, and the high-caffeine bags can help you stay awake. Most teas are a better alternative to a coffee loaded with excess sugar. You can put the bags into a resealable plastic bag, carry them around, and get a hot cup of water at most places for little or no cost. 

  • Travel Kit

     Carrying an emergency travel kit can save you in a pinch. Maybe you forgot to pack deodorant, or got a piece of that salad you bought in the airport stuck in your teeth. No stress, this kit includes 17 different products to solve any mishap that could come up. Purchase one that is compliant with all Transportation Security Administration regulations, and you won’t be facing any additional hassle with security.