Summer Hot Trends: Fashion trends for summer 2018


BY: Katie Machia
There’s a saying that fashion is a cycle, and what was once popular, will be popular again. That means styles from the 1970s will eventually reappear in store windows and on your favorite fashion retailer’s website. This season we see designers reference the 1980s and 1990s for inspiration, taking the frocks from 30 to 40 years ago, and putting a modern spin on them. Funky sunglasses, bright colors, bold patterns, and jeans from the past top this summer’s most popular trends.

Retro Sunglasses
     If these glasses look familiar, it might be because they bare striking similarities to the glasses worn in the 1999 film “The Matrix.” Although how much protection they offer you from the sun is questionable, these thin frames have successfully made their way from the runway to the red carpet, and hit their final destination in retail stores. These slim frames are best paired with a cute summer dress and some sandals.

Puffy Sleeves
     The bigger the sleeve the better, that’s the motto this summer. Winged sleeves have had their time in the spotlight, but now it’s time for puffy sleeves to take center stage. This style can be worn with any type of bottom, from shorts to slacks. It can be dressed up with a nice earring or dressed down with a pair of sneakers.

White Sneakers
     Long gone are the days of wearing sneakers only when you go to the gym. Since the Athleisure movement a few years ago, this casual footwear has become a popular staple to every outfit. They’re comfortable, minimalistic, and go perfect with any type of dress. These pair best with a floral dress or an over-the-knee flowy skirt. If there’s one pair of shoes to own this summer, it’s a pair of white sneakers.

Yellow dresses
     Mustard isn’t just a popular summer condiment for your hot dog, it’s also one of the most popular colors this summer. This subtler yellow looks great on all skin tones, and pairs perfectly with a pair of white sneakers or black and brown wedges.  It’s best to accessorize a dress like this with bold earrings or a statement necklace.

Belt bag 
     The belt bag is essentially a fancier fanny pack. This small bag is worn around your waist, usually through the loops of your denim, and is perfect for music festivals, going out, or for when you just don’t want to carry around a big bag. Although it is shown with shorts here, it can also be worn with a flowy dress, acting as an actual belt.

Vintage Floral Patterns
     It’s no surprise that florals are appearing on numerous pieces this season. But this time the patterns are taking a cue from the 1990s. Designers are updating the fabric and using it on the common shapes we see in stores nowadays – skater dresses, maxi dresses, and midi-dresses. These florals are best worn on their own. For example, pairing a white blouse with a floral skirt or a leather jacket with a floral dress.

Straight leg jeans
     The straight leg jean design falls somewhere between the baggy denim that appeared mid-1990s and the skinny denim we saw appear in the late 2000s. This trend was shown on the runways being worn over top boots and sandals, forgoing the usual act of rolling up the bottom of your jeans. These jeans look best when paired with a heeled boot or a pair of sneakers.