Viral Food Trends Growing in Taste

BY: Katie Machia
It appeared the health craze reached its peak in 2017, with pressed juices and a surplus of vegan alternatives popping up everywhere. It was suddenly trendy to incorporate vegetables in your diet and cut out processed food (even though millions of people have already been doing this for thousands of years). These same people began to try new diets and adopt healthier lifestyles overall.

Now in 2018, it doesn’t look like that health craze is slowing down anytime soon. Western countries have started embracing a lot of the key ingredients people use to cook with in Eastern countries. From India to Japan, we’re welcoming this new cultural blend of tasting options. Take a look at some of the trends that are new to us but have been around for ages:

  1. The most common ingredient that many South Asian and Middle eastern countries cook with is Ghee. Ghee is a form of clarified butter containing less lactose than the usual stick you’d pick up in the supermarket. In order to make it, the melted butter is separated into liquid fats and milk solids and then the milk is removed. Ghee can be used in any dish to give your meal a sweeter taste. You can cook with it, spread it on a piece of bread, or even put it in your morning cup of coffee to get your healthy dose of fats before the day starts.
  2. Tempeh, a dish derived from Indonesia, is a great alternative to tofu. Fermented soybeans are fried to create a cake-like patty you can use in salads, as a side dish, or even in a sandwich. It’s high in protein, contains lots of vitamins and minerals, and even has a good dose of probiotics. The variety in ways you can cook tempeh has made it extremely popular amongst people looking for a meat alternative.
  3. Non-dairy milks have become a popular alternative for those with allergies or special dietary needs. Oat milk, which has been around for decades, has recently resurfaced as a popular choice for lattes, cereals, and smoothies. To make it, steel-cut oats are soaked in water, blended, and then strained, a fairly simple process that can even be done in your home. This is a favorite among people who have a sweet tooth and are looking to forgo all the processed and artificial sugars you usually need to add in your drink when using regular milk.
  4. With the surplus of new reports stating the importance of probiotics, fermented foods have become increasingly popular. Sauerkraut is no exception. The thin cut cabbage, fermented by lactic acid bacteria contains your healthy dose of vitamins and probiotics. It’s known for its sour taste and most commonly used as a condiment on the classic American hot dog, but sauerkraut is also great in salads, tacos, and even omelets.
  5. As an increase of people choose to go vegan, substitutes for dairy products are being found more frequently in stores. Vegan cheese is a popular way to add flavor to your meal without having to add diary. There are spreadable versions, cream cheeses, sliced and even shredded options. Vegan cheese can be used just like your regular dairy cheese. It’s great to sprinkle on pasta, add to a sandwich, or pair with crackers.
  6. Ever since the juice craze began, wellness shots have been popping up in more grocery stores. Usually consumed for an immune system boost, the small shots contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are great for boosting gut health, speeding up your metabolism, and fighting infection. Each shot comes with a variety of different ingredients ranging from powerful ginger to spicy turmeric. Be warned, these small shots pack a serious punch.