Life Hacks With Alex Hazard: Puffy eyes & chilled wine

Life can be tough!  

Throughout the years, folks have shared hacks with me that make my day to day a little easier…so, I thought it’s my turn to share them with you! It’s like the old saying, “it’s the small things in life”. I truly believe that small changes, or in this case; small hacks, can make a big impact. I hope these Life Hacks can take your life from good to great!  

All my best, 
Alex Hazard

Puffy Eyes 

Do you ever wake up in the morning and have those puffy bags under your eyes? Mine can be so big that I could use them as reusable grocery bags at Target! Here are some hacks: Keep some spoons in the freezer! When you wake up, after you get out of the shower; simply place the spoons over your eyes. The cold is going to lift the collagen to the surface and fill those bags with some nice fatty groceries, making your eyes smile and your day brighter (especially when you look in the mirror!). 

Another Hack for puffy eyes is to place some cucumber over the eyes, just like they do at the spa! To be honest, I’m not really sure why this works, but it does! Maybe it is just one of those mind-over-matter things? I find that this hack works better in the middle of the day if you notice that the bags are starting to develop. Plus, if you’re hungry… now you have a snack… Two birds, One cucumber!  


Chilled Wine 

There are few things in the world worse than warm wine.. except for no wine at all, of course! My hack here is so simple. Always keep a glass dish of grapes in the freezer. The grapes work like ice cubes for your wine, without watering them down as ice cubes would.  They also could impress your friends at a party as a “fancy” garnish, depending on how easily impressed your friends are.  Plus, keeping them frozen keeps your grapes fresh longer, too!  

Smelly Shoes

There are few things that are more repulsive than the scent of a smelly foot. While an uncomfortable topic of conversation, this is something that so many people struggle with… including myself! The hacks to solve this problem are simple! 

First, keep crumbled up newspaper in your shoes when they’re stored away. The newspaper will absorb the moisture and odor in the shoe. 

If you’re like me and that might just not be enough, try this homemade foot and shoe powder! Made with just three ingredients, this could be the answer to all ten of your smelly toe problems. Take all your little piggies to the market and pick-up some corn-starch, baking powder, and essential oils. Mix a little of each together in a bowl, sprinkle in your shoe, or lather your foot. This will keep your shoes and feet smelling great and avoid an embarrassing problem that is easily solved. 

Bug Repellent 

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, Apple Picking, Hot Cider, and my personal favorite; bonfires on a cool night! Fall is here. As a summer lover, I have a hard time admitting how much I actually love the fall. But let’s just face it, Fall is the perfect season. Except. One. Thing…. you’re sitting around your perfect fall fire, hot cider in hand, and the bugs are eating you alive! Here are some Life Hacks to help with that! 

Garlic. Turns out that bugs and vampires have something in common! They both HATE the smell of garlic. Eat it, keep it around, roast it, throw it in the coals around the fire… whatever you have to do! 

However, if your Fall fire is supposed to be a little more romantic, garlic might not be your best option! Let’s get a little sweeter! Vanilla is another smell that is a good bug repellent.  Just drip a few drops in some water and wear it like cologne. Not only will you smell great, but you’ll also repel bugs as well!