Book lovers launch Web-based book club

A new book club open to anyone with Internet access recently debuted. “Unbound: A Book Club” allows readers to participate from anywhere in the world. Club members read and discuss books together online and learn how to moderate and participate in a live book clubs.

Moderators Betsy Cherepko, an Army wife who is moving from Spain to Texas, Maureen Cean, a grant writer, and Katie Stokes, a freelance writer and creator of the blog, are avid readers and writers. [Read more...]

Indian River teens, teacher to perform Graceland in Scotland

The Indian River High School Theater Department is taking “Graceland” to Scotland.

Two students in the school’s drama club and theater teacher Kristie L. Fuller have been selected to perform at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world. It takes place every August for three weeks in Scotland’s capital. This year’s festival runs Aug. 2 to 26. [Read more...]

Concerts on the Waterfront has dance-band theme

The Concerts on the Waterfront series has a twist — with a shimmy, a samba and more moves thrown in — this year.

Organizers of the 29th annual series have chosen musicians who integrate dance into their performances. Besides being moved, audiences will be educated. In many cases, audiences will hear how dance has influenced American culture. Music styles will range from swing to salsa. [Read more...]

Little Theatre wins several awards for its production of ‘The Foreigner’

Little Theatre of Watertown has received several awards for its production of “The Foreigner,” which was presented by the group in late February and early March. [Read more...]

Ogdensburg farmers market adds incentive program

The Ogdensburg Green Market, in partnership with The Food Bank of Central New York, is offering a new incentive program for EBT customers. Customers who make a minimum EBT token purchase of $5.00 will receive a Health Bucks coupon for $2.00, which can be redeemed for locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables from designated farmers markets only. The coupons cannot be redeemed at supermarkets, grocery stores or roadside stands. Customers can receive a maximum of four coupons per day. [Read more...]

Lowville doctor summits Everest, completes seven highest peaks

Dr. Manoj R. Vora can’t help but feel on top of the world.

At about 9:10 p.m. Eastern time May 21, the Lowville doctor and four sherpas reached the summit of Mount Everest in the Himalayas. This was Dr. Vora’s second attempt at climbing Mount Everest. In May 2010, he was within 2,700 feet of the summit when hypothermia caused him to turn around.

Dr. Vora is now one of the few who have climbed the “Seven Summits”: the highest points on each of the Earth’s seven continents. He scaled his sixth summit — Mount Vinson Massif in Antarctica — in December 2010. According to the expedition company 7 Summits, fewer than 110 Americans have topped all the peaks. [Read more...]

14th North Country Children’s Clinic Celebrity Chefs’ Event

The North Country Children’s Clinic held its 14th Annual Celebrity Chefs’ Event Friday, May 10 at the Clayton Opera House. More than 200 people turned out in support of clinic programs. The evening raised nearly $30,000, which will help fund children’s health care.

Natural ways to control persistent garden pests

Brian Hallett

Nothing can take the green out of a gardener’s thumb like an insect infestation. Despite cold winters, the north country is not without its garden pests. And, controlling common garden pests like aphids can really seem like a full-time job if you do not properly plan your garden. Not only do these tiny insects suck the fluids from plant leaves and stems, leaving behind honeydew, a sticky residue that attracts ants to feed on it, but aphids also promote the spread of plant disease. Aphids are tiny, rarely exceeding an eighth of an inch, and teardrop shaped with long, slender legs. Depending on the species, aphids can be green, brown, yellow, red or black, and they are often found congregating on the underside of leaves. Luckily, there are some basic, all-natural ways that you can prevent garden insect invasions so your sowing and reaping time doesn’t just become spraying and worrying time. [Read more...]

IHA and IHC Schools Founders’ Day Dinner

Immaculate Heart Central Schools held its second annual Founders’ Day Celebration to honor the Sisters of St. Joseph at Savory Downtown. More than 100 people attended the April 27 celebration.

Maintain hydration during exercise: From joint health to sun exposure, Dr. Maja Gray has answers

Dr. Maya Lundborg-Gray, M.D.

What are some easy ways to get in exercise now that summer weather is here?
First, change your mindset. Don’t look at exercise as exercise. Think of exercise as leading an active lifestyle, which you could do solo or with your family and friends. Physical activity is any form of exercise or movement of the body that uses energy. Performing active chores at home such as walking the dog instead of letting the dog out and doing yard work are ways we each do this already. If you are fortunate, walk or bike to work. Now that the sun is out and weather is warm get outside and move. [Read more...]