Staycations! Adventures close to home


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A Night Spent In History: Singer Castle hosts guests for a night they won’t forget

Singer Castle as seen from the back courtyard.

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Family Fun For Everyone: Local attractions to enjoy during summer months

Amanda Morrison / NNY LIVING
Holes near a man-made waterfall at River Golf Adventures.

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Setting Sail on the St. Lawrence: Excursions to the greatest destinations the Thousand Islands offer

View of the Rock Island Lighthouse and Thousand Islands Bridge as seen from the Clayton Island Boat Tour.

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‘Must Haves’ for Holiday Travel


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More Than Just A Boat Show: Education for kids of all ages at the Antique Boat Museum


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Holiday 2015: 36 Hours Cazenovia

Cazenovia home to holiday treasures

By Lorna Oppedisano | Photo courtesy of Cazenovia Chamber of Commerce

Cazenovia’s Main Street is home to many small shops and boutiques.

Cazenovia’s Main Street is home to many small shops and boutiques.

Head south for small-town charm, big-time fun

Tis the season for travel. Pile the children into the sleigh, car or vehicle of your choice, and get ready for one of the most picturesque holiday towns in the area. The destination is Cazenovia, southeast of Syracuse. Whether the aim is shopping, sightseeing or just a relaxing weekend away from home, Caz has it all. [Read more…]

Summer 2015: 36 Hours Canandaigua

Summer shines in the Finger Lakes

Text by Lorna Oppedisano | Photos courtesy Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance

Downtown Canandaigua

Downtown Canandaigua

Canandaigua a ‘chosen place’ for good reason

Canandaigua comes from the Native American word meaning “the chosen place,” and it certainly is. Located directly north of Canandaigua Lake, the fourth largest of the Finger Lakes, the city of Canandaigua is brimming with food, wine and culture. Whether you want a relaxing weekend away or a couple days of adventure, you’re sure to discover it. [Read more…]

Spring 2015: 36 Hours Toronto

Explore Canada’s largest city next door

By Norah Machia

Graffiti art covers the walls of a city alley. Photo by AFM  Photography.

Graffiti art covers the walls of a city alley. Photo by AFM Photography.

Toronto offers unparalleled cross-border fun

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, with a population of more than five million people in the greater metropolitan area. This bustling, multi-cultural city is situated on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, and is considered one of Canada’s top tourist destinations. It’s also the location of the largest financial center in the country. [Read more…]

Winter 2015: 36 Hours Syracuse

Beat the winter blues in the Salt City

By Lorna Oppedisano

Clinton Square at night. Photo by Creative Core.

Clinton Square at night. Photo by Creative Core.

Syracuse a nearby retreat for great food, fun

Syracuse is known for a few things: the mall, the Orange and snow. You’ve probably elbowed through crowds at DestinyUSA — and congratulations if you held on to your sanity in the process. If you’re a sports fan, you’ve either cheered, jeered or flat-out cried at a Syracuse University game, depending on the day. And this is the north country so you know snow.

But the Salt City offers more than shopping and a ball game. Whether you want to explore downtown or venture outside the city center, Syracuse has restaurants, museums, boutiques and outdoor activities for days. If you only have a weekend to spare, here are your best bets. [Read more…]