Time to open the lid on your grill and move the kitchen outdoors

Spice up your backyard barbecue with simple seasonings [Read more...]

Move over, June Cleaver, Ward has found his place in the kitchen

English muffin bread with Earl Grey tea jelly. Amanda Morrison / NNY Living

English muffin bread with Earl Grey tea jelly. Amanda Morrison / NNY Living

English muffin bread an easy-to-follow recipe for anyone [Read more...]

Roast chicken with Boo Wells (VIDEO)

A simple roast chicken. Justin Sorensen/ NNY Living

A simple roast chicken. Justin Sorensen/ NNY Living

Stuffed with fresh vegetables, roast chicken is a versatile fall meal [Read more...]

Master the art of blanching vegetables

Blanching vegetables is a technique that involves briefly boiling and then plunging vegetables into an ice bath to make them tender-crisp and flavorful. Photo by Justin Sorensen/ NNY Living

Blanched green beans perfect addition to summer quinoa salad [Read more...]

A frozen following: For sweet seekers, north country soft serve a must have

Morghan A. White, 10 and sister Emmah L., 5, eat ice cream last month at Morgan’s Ice House, Canton. Ice cream stands like Morgan’s are ever-popular summer food destinations in the north country. Melanie Kimbler-Lago/ NNY Living

With more than a half-dozen ice cream stands in Watertown alone, it’s clear that ice cream from small mom-and-pop stands has a special place in the stomachs of north country residents. But the question looms: does soft serve or hard ice cream take the metaphorical cherry for popularity?

At The Midway on Coffeen Street, homemade hard ice cream, of which the shop has 15 varying flavors, outsells soft serve, sold only in the traditional vanilla and chocolate or swirl.

“I didn’t expect hard flavors to take off as they are,” said owner Michael P. Amell, who has operated the stand since 2010. “It was a surprise.” [Read more...]

A taste of the river

Clayton F. “Muskie Ferg Jr.” Ferguson of Ferguson Fishing Charters, Clayton, with his 1951 mahogany-plank Chris-Craft, is a longtime river guide who puts on shore dinners. Photo by Justin Sorensen/ NNY Living

Shore dinners a north country food tradition like no other [Read more...]

Relishing the bounty of great foods

Fresh pasta salad. Photo by Amanda Morrison/ NNY Living

What we eat defines our culinary culture, one bite at a time [Read more...]

Local is on the menu

Nathan B. Whittaker, chef at Bella’s Bistro, Clayton, with some locally grown produce. The restaurant incorporates locally sourced ingredients in many of its dishes. Photo by Norm Johnston/ NNY Living

‘Farm-to-fork’ movement gains traction with restaurants [Read more...]

Making the best of a fully-stocked refrigerator

A rustic vegetable galette fresh from the oven. Photo by Justin Sorensen/ NNY Business

Tonight’s menu: rustic summer vegetable galette

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Flan a fabulous dessert dish not just for Wonder Woman

“Keep faith, trust to love. Fight with honor, but fight to win” — Wonder Woman

Boo Wells

In the book I have yet to write: “The World According to Boo,” there are two distinctly different types of people. There is the group of people who make New Year’s resolutions to exercise daily, drink more water and avoid dairy products. They also tend to give things up for Lent, like chocolate, wine and coffee. This is the group that promises to “be better” at every chance: they work out, eat right, get enough sleep and are always well put together. Wonder Woman belongs to this group.

Then there is the group that gives up nothing, pledges to change nothing and basically ignores the whole silly mess because they know they will never stick to whatever it is they pledged anyway. This group has come to face the fact that they are unwilling — though incapable might be a better word — to give up the foods they love, sweat in public and be labeled “crabby” because they have a little trouble waking up in the morning. I’m sure you can guess which group of people I fit into. [Read more...]