Summer 2015: North Country Notes

Farmers markets a hot ticket in summer months

By Neal Nurdick, NNY Living 

Some folks think people go to farmers markets to acquire food. That’s only part of it. We really go to see our friends. [Read more…]

Summer 2015 Wellness: Beat seasonal exercise boredom

Break up your routine with new, fun local foods this summer

Columnist Michelle Graham

Columnist Michelle Graham

Welcome summer at last. This may well be my favorite season of the year. I love being able to actually get outside for workouts and eat fresh, in-season natural foods. I am certain I am not alone. It seems the warm weather welcomes us to get out and be active. Also fresh fruits and vegetables are certainly plentiful. [Read more…]

Summer 2015: News & Notes

Lynyrd Skynyrd plans Watertown performance

The band Lynyrd Skynyrd plans to perform in Watertown this August as part of the Car-Freshner/F.X. Caprara Kia/Chrysler 2015 Summer Concert Series. The Disabled Persons Action Organization hosts the annual summer series. [Read more…]

Spring 2015: News & Notes

North country writer releases new series

Jennifer Donnelly released her first book in the “The Waterfire Saga” series, a project quite different from her past literary works, which have ranged from historical fiction set in the Adirondacks “A Northern Light,” 2004, to a young girl caught up in the French Revolution, “Revolution,” 2010. [Read more…]

Spring 2015 Wellness: Spring into a new awareness

Prevention always best medicine when facing osteoporosis

Columnist Michelle Graham

Columnist Michelle Graham

Spring is the best time to get on track. Perhaps an annual physical is in order or you’re just getting ready to find your way back after a long winter break with better health behaviors or a new start. Spring is here and there is no denying the days are longer and the sun seems a just bit brighter. When we look at good health it is important to think of all parameters of our health. We often think of improving our health by working on cardiovascular exercises or increasing physical activity, decreasing blood pressure or cholesterol or just getting healthy in general. How often are we thinking of things that creep up on us slowly that perhaps have no signs or symptoms? Conditions like osteoporosis can be life threatening. Are you at risk? Most often osteoporosis is seen in the older adult population especially those over the age of 50 but that is not the only age group at risk. Sometimes even young individuals deal with compromised bone integrity as well. [Read more…]

Spring 2015: North Country Notes

The sweet taste of maple a north country tradition

By Neal Burdick, NNY Living 

Back in March, just as “maple season” was gearing up, an advertisement for a wallpaper steamer appeared in a chatroom where I work.

“Just boil down some sap in your kitchen,” I muttered. “That’ll take off several layers. Worked for us.” [Read more…]

Winter 2015 Wellness: Time to commit and quit

Giving up cigarettes requires a plan and positive support

Columnist, Michelle Graham

Columnist Michelle Graham

I always look forward to the start of a new year. It’s like the slate is clean and there is a chance for new beginnings or a new frame of mind. People often try to commit to an exercise program or healthier eating, but my favorite resolution is to quit smoking. I am not nor have I ever been a smoker, but having spoken to many smokers in my life, this may truly be one of the hardest, most difficult habits to break. [Read more…]

Winter 2015 Wellness: Don’t neglect your eye health

Annual eye exam is best way to catch problems early

By Dr. Grace Y. Burke

Columnist, Dr. Grace Y. Burke

Columnist, Dr. Grace Y. Burke

Fluorescent lights affect my vision. Is there something I can do to help with the cloudiness and glare from these lights?
Glasses that have antireflective coating may help with this problem by cutting down on reflections in the lenses. This will improve your visual comfort especially at night under fluorescents and while using a computer. Your optician can review with you all of the latest anti-glare technologies. [Read more…]

Winter 2015: News & Notes

WPBS-TV writers contest

PBS KIDS is accepting writers contest entries through Tuesday, March 31.

The contest aims to promote the advancement of children’s literacy skills by writing and illustrating their own stories.

It is open to children in kindergarten through third grade from Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties. The station plans to select local winners and award prizes in the spring. A panel of judges will rank the top 12 entries nationally, which will be announced this summer and featured on [Read more…]

Top titles by checkout at Flower Memorial Library

Top titles by checkout at Flower Memorial Library:

1) James Patterson: Second Honeymoon
2) Dan Brown: Inferno
3) David Baldacci: The Hit
4) James Patterson: Mistress
5) Elizabeth Hadler: Please Don’t Tell

Top five Ebooks at Flower Memorial Library:

1) Lee Child: Never Go Back
2) Jeanne Glidewell: Haunted
3) Susan Beth Pfeffer: Life as We Knew It
4) Bronwyn Scott: A Lady Dares
5) Lia Romeo: Dating the Devil