Maintain hydration during exercise: From joint health to sun exposure, Dr. Maja Gray has answers

Dr. Maya Lundborg-Gray, M.D.

What are some easy ways to get in exercise now that summer weather is here?
First, change your mindset. Don’t look at exercise as exercise. Think of exercise as leading an active lifestyle, which you could do solo or with your family and friends. Physical activity is any form of exercise or movement of the body that uses energy. Performing active chores at home such as walking the dog instead of letting the dog out and doing yard work are ways we each do this already. If you are fortunate, walk or bike to work. Now that the sun is out and weather is warm get outside and move. [Read more…]

Good oral health plays a critical role

Dr. Scott LaClair, D.D.S.

Link to better overall health ‘well supported and undeniable’

How is good dental health and oral hygiene important for good general health?

Study after study has confirmed a link between dental infection and poor dental health with many problems outside the mouth to include but not limited to stroke, heart disease, life-threatening infections, malnourishment and depression. People with healthy teeth have been shown to live longer, happier, healthier lives than people with poor oral hygiene. The connection of a healthy mouth to systemic heath is both well supported and undeniable. [Read more…]

Prepare kids for illness prevention

Dr. Karen Williams

From ticks to gluten-free eating, Dr. Karen Williams answers reader questions

Ticks were a widespread problem this summer because of the dry weather, what’s the first thing to keep in mind after a tick bite?

We have been seeing an increase in tick-borne disease, such as Lyme disease, but it’s important to remember that most ticks do not carry disease. You should check for ticks on yourself and your children whenever you have been out near the woods, hiking, camping or near a lot of brush. If you notice a tick, remove it as soon as possible and wash the area with warm, soapy water. The sooner a tick is removed the less likely it is to spread disease. You should call your doctor if you develop flu-like symptoms, a sore at the site of the bite or any rash.

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What do antioxidants really do?

Milly Smith, RPA-C

Flu season is upon us and I have small children. Should I have them get a flu shot and why? Is it possible to get the flu even after being vaccinated? The New York State Department of Health recommends that anyone six months or older should receive the flu vaccine. It is recommended that all children should get the flu vaccine in order to be protected from serious complications if infected with influenza. One of the biggest cons of getting the flu vaccine is that you can develop some minor viral symptoms such as low grade fevers and malaise. Yes, you can still get the flu even if you are vaccinated.
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