Books of local interest

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Books of local interest

####_fea_sign up at sunsise book croppedFormer Port Leyden resident Steve Newvine has self-published a novel centered at a small, fictional, community radio station in the north country.

Mr. Newvine worked part-time at Boonville station WBRV from 1976 to 1979. ”Sign On At Sunrise” follows a few years in the life of a young man who gets hired at a local radio station. He meets a number of people who shape his life in profound ways. Mixed into the story is the death of Elvis Presley in 1977. The author details how radio and television stations across the country reacted to the story as well as how it affected the central character.

“People who know me will see some of the similarities in the narrative,” Mr. Newvine said in a news release. “But I hope anyone fascinated by the decade of the seventies will find something to like from this story.”
Mr. Newvine, who has written several nonfiction books, lives in Merced, Calif. He was a television journalist for more than 10 years, a chamber of commerce executive for more than 10 years and was an adjunct college lecturer teaching writing and public speaking at SUNY Geneseo.

“Sign On at Sunrise” is available at online bookstores and sells for $10.99.


####_fea_war of 1812 bookExelsior Editions, an imprint of the State University of New York Press, has released “America’s First Crisis: The War of 1812” by Robert P. Watson.

Mr. Watson describes how anger in America over the harassment of its merchant ships by the British Royal Navy turned into an all-out effort to fend off a British invasion. The author shares stories of battles, leaders and “the most important blunders and victories of the war.”

Mr. Watson is a professor of American studies at Lynn University, Boca Raton, Fla.
“America’s First Crisis” sells for $24.95 and is available at the publisher’s website,, and at online bookstores.


####_fea_ogdensburg bookFonthill Media has released “Ogdensburg Through Time” by Ogdensburg resident David E. Martin.

The book contains color pictures of some of Ogdensburg’s most notable businesses, bridges, stately residences, churches and public buildings. Each picture is accompanied with a picture of what the subject and sites look like today.

The book sells for $20 and is available at the Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce, 1 Bridge Plaza. It is also available at online bookstores.
Mr. Martin, a retired registered nurse, has written other books on Ogdensburg’s history that have been published by Arcadia Publishing.

Books of local interest

L_UPF_RiversTale_1013WLost Pond Press, Saranac Lake, has released the suspense novel “The River’s Tale,” by Michael Virtanen, a political reporter in Albany for the Associated Press.
The book is a prequel to Mr. Virtanen’s first novel, “Within a Forest Dark,” which in 2007 won the Adirondack Center for Writing award for best fiction.

“The River’s Tale” centers on a woman who flees New York City and abandons an academic career to live with an aunt in a cabin on a remote stretch of the Hudson River in the Adirondacks. She lands a job as a whitewater-rafting guide and falls into a summer romance with her charismatic boss. Life is good until she discovers that the Adirondacks are not the safe haven she thought they were.

The book is $14.95 and is available at [Read more…]

Books of local interest

Arcadia Publishing has published “Association Island” in its Images of America series.

The island, part of the town of Henderson, was once a retreat for General Electric workers. The retreat was formed by a group of businessmen from the incandescent lamp industry whose association competed with GE. [Read more…]

Books of local interest

Erica Moulton, Adams, has self-published two books. The first, titled “What Happened,” is a story of 12-year-old Virginia who was “robbed of her childhood at the hands of a neighbor.” The guilt and secrets of what happened that day follow Virginia as she attempts to navigate through her troubled life battling addiction and self-mutilation. The book sells for $2.99 on Amazon’s Kindle store.

The second is “Miss Non-Perfectionist: Stories of Failure to Achieve SuperMom Status,” which is available for 99 cents in Amazon’s Kindle store. This book is a compilation of the author’s best blog posts from her site Penny Pinching Parents, Ms. Moulton takes everyday situations and finds humor among the chaos. [Read more…]

Books of local interest – February 2013

Dave Stoodley has written a book about the first Watertown professional baseball franchise, dating back to 1945. Titled “Chronicle of the Watertown Athletics and the Border Baseball League,” the book traces the roots of the former city professional team and minor team since its inception in 1945 to their demise in 1951.

Mr. Stoodley, an Adams Center resident, conducted research in libraries in Watertown, Ogdensburg and Geneva, along with Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario. He also visited Flower Memorial Library, the Watertown Daily Times and Ogdensburg Journal archives. [Read more…]

Books of local interest – November 2012

Raymond E. Petersen, Redwood, a political science professor at Jefferson Community College, has written his second book, titled “The Middle of Everywhere.” Published by the State University of New York press, “The Middle of Everywhere” is the story of a young man’s quest to keep his hometown’s papermill from closing, which turns into an odyssey across a rural upstate New York county. The book is available for $24.95 at or at the JCC campus bookstore.

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Books of local interest – September 2012

Black River resident Hope Marston, author of 35 children’s books, has released “Sackets Harbor Powder Monkey — The War of 1812.” The book, the first self-published by Mrs. Marston, concerns Rankin McMullin, 11, who joins the warship Oneida to fight the British and end laws that force New York farmers to smuggle potash across Lake Ontario. His job is to carry gunpowder.

The story notes how the Oneida was built to patrol Lake Ontario and protect Sackets Harbor from an attack. On July 19, 1812, the ship’s lookout spots five British warships heading toward Sackets Harbor. Rankin is assigned to carry powder up to the three-ton gun on a cliff.

Mrs. Marston notes that although the book is a work of fiction, the historical events and the people named in it are real. Assisting her with naval details was Sackets Harbor native Burt Phillips.

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Books of local interest – July 2012

Fitness professionals Christopher and Jessica Page, owners of Page Fitness, Watertown,  have co-authored the book, “Bigger Better Faster Stronger: The World’s Leading Fitness Experts Reveal Their Top Secrets to Help You Achieve the Ultimate in Health Longevity.”

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Books of local interest – May 2012

Muriel DeBuque, St. Regis Falls, has self-published “The Estate in the Woods.”
The novel concerns Sara and Sam, who move to the Adirondacks with their mother after their father’s death. “Upon arrival, the children learn that their uncle has been abusing his wife, trafficking drugs and seeking a gambling chip held by Sara and Sam’s father,” according to Xlibris.

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