10 Herbs For Growing Wellness

McKenzie L Cantwell, LAc, MSAOM, uses herbs and botanicals everyday as part of her practice at Hati Sungai, in Clayton. Ms. Cantwell, a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine, says that herbs can be a great alternative to certain medications because they are, “mild in nature with minimal side effects.”

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Herbs add great natural flavors to many dishes

Omelette aux fines herbs, made with fresh herbs and paired with roasted potatoes. Photo by Amanda Morrison.

Those who know me may have noticed that I  really like salt. Not just any salt though. “Kosher salt is for cooking and iodized salt is for cleaning” is my mantra. I collect salt, and treasure it like some people collect sand from the various beaches they have visited. My former JCC students liked to joke about my affinity for salt. If a student asked me to taste their creation, another would mutter that I would probably suggest more salt. They were almost always correct.

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Easy does it: Herb planting in containers

Memorial Day weekend is when most gardeners are in their “ready, set, go” phase. The plants are purchased, the gardens are tilled and everything is ready to be planted.

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