Spring 2016: Today’s Gardner

Start a family garden and watch kids’ excitement grow


Brian Hallett

There is an affinity and almost magnetic attraction between children and the earth, whether it’s making mud or discovering the emergence of a germinating seed. Children and nature seem to go hand in hand. They just love getting their hands into dirt, digging and planting. Whether you are an accomplished gardener or a novice, gardening is a chance to partner with nature to make magic. [Read more…]

Summer 2015: Today’s Gardner

A few tried and true tips to grow healthy tomatoes

Columnist Brian Hallett

Columnist Brian Hallett

Few of us plant vegetable gardens out of need any longer, unless you count the need for a sun-warmed tomato. You can grow tomatoes in a pot on the patio or a half-acre vegetable patch. Either way, the rewards are great. All the clichés about tomatoes warm from the sun from grandmother’s garden can’t take away from the fact that no tomato tastes quite as good as one fresh from the vine, eaten with your feet still standing on the soil covering the roots. Here are some tips for coaxing the best out of your tomato plants. [Read more…]