What Questions To Ask When Finding Wedding Vendors

PHOTO PROVIDED BY The Farm House Kitchen

BY: Boo Wells
Planning your big day can be one of the most delightful parts of the wedding experience or, it can be a socially acceptable form of torture.
    It may largely depend on your personality type.  Do you like making millions of lists and weighing the opinions of the entire human race, or do you know what you like and know how to make it happen? Are you a Pinterest aficionado looking to recreate all of your pinned boards or do you have a vision of what you want your wedding to look and feel like? Have you subscribed to a certain wedding magazine’s Wedding Timeline App specifically designed to push busy brides and grooms over the edge? Or, do you have vendors that you know will help you keep the ball rolling? Maybe, fingers crossed – you are a happy combination of all the above.
    Lists are good, opinions can be helpful, and certainly Pinterest can be a fun idea database. I have nothing positive to say about Wedding Timeline Apps (aka Obnoxious Stress Induction Apps – OSIA for short), so I’ll just skip that one.
     No matter what type of bride or groom you are, the key to the perfect day is selecting vendors that you can rely on. The vendors that you choose to work with and your confidence in them will make your wedding a relatively stress free and enjoyable experience.  Establishing a relationship with the people that are going to help you take your wedding from a vision to a reality is important. Spend time talking with your vendors and making sure that they understand your plans and goals.
    When I meet with wedding clients, I like to ask them to close their eyes and describe what they want their reception to “feel like”. For example: do they imagine the space to feel formal or casual, are there candelabras and crystal stemware or burlap table runners and wild flowers in Mason jars? Do they envision an elegant served dinner or a more relaxed family style meal? Do they want to expose their guests to local or seasonal foods or their favorite meal of barbeque pulled pork? Once I understand what they are hoping to achieve I can help them create the experience they want for their friends and family.
    Selecting vendors that work together regularly is another terrific way to ensure a smooth event day. As you begin talking to vendors, whether it is a caterer, rental company, bartender, florist or photographer, ask them to recommend vendors that they have had good experiences with. We have a team of vendors that we have worked with for the past 10 years  (well, actually 15  but that makes me feel really old). Working with this “A Team” of vendors allows me to focus on my job which is serving amazing food. For example, the staff at the local rental company knows what I require to do my job well which is necessary to make the event successful.  Vendors that already have experience working together are able to seamlessly orchestrate your day without any stress to the client. 
    With the right vendors, it will be a fun day full of joy and celebration. They will work together to insure that your vision comes true. Take a deep breath, and know that your wedding will be a day to remember. The experience that you want to create for you and your guests will be amazing with a few lists and a team that feels connected. Suddenly the Pinterest place settings will not feel as out of reach.