A New Twist On Old Traditions

BY: Sarah Compo, owner and operator of Soiree NNY
There is something to be said about tradition. When it comes to weddings, some of our time-honored customs—like wearing a veil, bridal bouquets and giving toasts—date back to ancient times. But, as the years go by things change, and today, more and more couples are putting their own twist on time-honored traditions.

    As a day-of coordinator—or in other words, someone who helps make all the details of an event come together—I’ve had the opportunity to see firsthand how countless couples are modernizing traditions and making their big day their own.

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Tradition: White wedding cake  

New Twist: Donuts, ice cream sundaes, etc.  

In Victorian times, white cakes were a symbol of money and social importance as the fine white sugar needed to create white icing was extremely expensive. Today, many couples are ditching cake and opting for their favorite desserts instead. In recent years, sweet treats like donuts, ice cream sundaes, pies and other favorites have replaced the traditional white wedding cake. 

Tradition: Wedding favor 

New Twist: Late night food  

From matchbooks to Jordan almonds, there are countless options when it comes to traditional wedding favors. 

    However, one of my favorite wedding favors is a late night snack to send your guests home with or eat on the way out of your reception. Last year, a couple I worked with offered those who attended their wedding a Jreck Sub meal—complete with their choice of sub, a bag of chips, drink and cookie. What better way to end the night?  

Tradition: A sit down dinner  

New TwistFood trucks  

For some guests, the best part of a wedding reception is the food. While a traditional sit down dinner is nice, more modern options, like food trucks, can add a new element of fun to your reception. 

    In recent years, food trucks have gained in popularity. Incorporating them into your wedding gives your guests more options when it comes to what—and how much—they want to eat. PS—if you’re an ice cream fan, replace the traditional wedding cake with an ice cream truck! 

Tradition: Guest book  

New Twist: Photo guest books 

One of the things most important to couples is capturing the memory of who was there to celebrate their special day. As a day-of coordinator, I’ve seen more and more couples doing away with the traditional guest book and instead, including photo books as part of their celebration. To create your own photo book, let guests use a Polaroid camera to snap a photo of themselves, then have them tape it into your guest book and write a special message to you on your big day. 

Tradition: White wedding dress 

New Twist: Whatever looks best on the bride! 

Most people credit the white wedding dress tradition to Queen Victoria, who wore a white gown at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. But let’s face it—white doesn’t look good on everyone. 

     If you’re a bride, don’t be afraid to switch it up and opt for blush, peach or something totally different. If you aren’t quite as daring, add a colored sash or other accent to give your white wedding dress a bit of pizazz 

Tradition: Matching bridesmaids dresses 

New Twist: Picking one color—or a color palette—and letting your bridesmaids choose their own dress 

The tradition of matching bridesmaids dresses dates back to Roman times, when bridesmaids wouldn’t just dress like one another—they would dress identical to the bride. At the time, superstitious folks saw this as a way to ward off or confuse “evil spirits” who might want to interfere with the bride and groom’s happiness. 

    Today, many brides are giving bridesmaids more options by choosing one color—or a color palette—and letting their gal pals pick the dress that they feel is most flattering.