The power and eloquence of our everyday speech

Varick Chittenden

Varick Chittenden

I’m open to the bounty of the woods. I still get excited when I find a hollow log or a dead lilac root deep in the ground and imagine what it might be. To me, it’s a gift of nature. I always say the find makes the fashion. I may not know how or when I’ll use it, but I like to store it, keep it in sight and, someday, make it into something functional for somebody. Even if it’s just for amusement, that’s useful, too.

— Barry Gregson, Schroon Lake,
Adirondack rustic furniture builder [Read more…]

The love of another is often all the right fuel

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  — Mahatma Gandhi

Joleene DesRosiers Moody

Mary Lou Guindon doesn’t know how to slow down. She rides her bike 10 miles a day, writes a weekly news column called “Positively Parish,” is a member of a handful of organizations throughout Oswego County, and a Parish Town Board member.

She is a woman grounded in faith and a giver through and through. But she wasn’t always that way. There was a time in her life when things seemed very “dark,” and it took the love of one little boy to brighten it.

Mary Lou said the darkness started when she lived in Florida. She was in her early 20s when she got news her father passed away. He was only 49. [Read more…]

Sir David: ‘Please pass the chicken and biscuits’

Varick Chittenden

Word of the death of former Congressman David O’Brien Martin this past November was received back here in the north country with both sadness and praise. As both a loyal son of the region and a dedicated military man, at his passing he was particularly celebrated for his successes in Washington as the driving force behind creating Fort Drum as we know it today. [Read more…]

Change self-focus to maintain balance

Wellness is a state of mind that involves several areas of life

Michelle Graham

Welcome to the amazing 2013. I often think of a new year as a new start that, with a new focus, could mean a whole new you. Life is crazy and wonderful and a fresh start can take you in directions that you never dreamed possible.
As a health and wellness director at the YMCA, I see many people start the year with goals of fitness and weight loss. Unfortunately, some never realize their true potential because they fall short of understanding how to achieve and reach their goals. Instead of covering the usual, I thought I’d share some steps to achieve balance in all things. [Read more…]

Peeling back the curtain takes a very gentle hand

Katie Stokes

My daughter and I went with friends recently to see a “Disney on Ice” performance in Syracuse. It was wonderful, as you can expect from pretty much anything Disney. But, as with many things these days that have to do with delighting my children, being surrounded by happy kids made me inexplicably sad, too. [Read more…]