A New Twist On Old Traditions

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Smoother Waters: A palisade elegance

PHOTO BY Horizon Aerial Media Services

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Preserving The “Atlantic Flyway”

Ian McCallum and chocolate lab Nash call in mallards while laying in a flooded corn field in Cape Vincent during a hunt in 2017. McCallum is an avid hunter and Ducks Unlimited member.

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A Battle to the No. 1 Spot: Thousand Islands High School talent on the rise, with two players driving towards greatness

Matt Barton and Tyler Turgeon are two upcoming talents on the 2018 Thousand Island High School golf team.

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Holistic Health A Nontraditional Alternative

Five Elements Living, Colton, New York.

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3D Imaging Enhances Confidence, Diagnostics

Dr. Daniel Gray exams a 3D mammogram at the Northern Radiology in Watertown.

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How ‘Vacationland’ Got Its Name


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Out with the Old, In with The New: Embracing alternative traditions

BY: Sarah Compo
For many, a new year means “out with the old and in with the new.” The same goes for elements of a wedding ceremony or reception. While there are certain trends that will never go away, 2018 brings with it a host of fresh ideas for couples looking to put a new twist on old traditions.  Here is a look at some of the most popular wedding trends for 2018:

A new focus on the after party:

                For most couples, the bulk of wedding planning has traditionally focused on the reception. However, more and more people are investing time—and money—into the “after party.” The after party can be as simple as telling guests to meet at a nearby watering hole—with or without the open tab—or as elaborate as reserving a space at a conveniently located bar or restaurant, with décor, snacks, etc.

Marble and copper-the new “it” décor combo:

                In recent years, sparkles and rose gold have dominated wedding décor. This year, many couples are taking cues from one of the most popular pairings for the home—marble and copper. 

Ditching cake for donuts:

                Couples aren’t quite ready to fully do away with the traditional wedding cake, but many are choosing to have a smaller cake—for picture and cutting purposes—and then serving more unique desserts, like donuts, to guests.

Adding color with candles:

                In recent years, more and more couples have moved away from the traditional white or ivory candles and are opting for colored candles to add a splash of color. Colored candles—think pinks, blues or purples—are an easy, unexpected way to jazz up your décor without breaking the bank.

Doing away with doing it all yourself:

                For couples, one of the biggest stressors is finding loved ones who can take care of the little details and help their day run smoothly. Today, more couples are choosing to hire a “day-of-coordinator” who can help them on the day of with everything from setting up their reception space and running last minute errands to paying vendors and helping clean up.

Picture this-alternatives to the traditional photo booth:

                From unique backdrops to vintage camera booths, there are new and exciting options for those who are looking for something other than the classic wedding photo booth. Look no further than Pinterest for ideas on how you can make your own, or locate a professional who can provide services for you.


You Swing Like a Girl: Women’s leagues tee off

JUSTIN SORENSEN / NNY GOLF Connie Natali and Alexandra Buduson, both of Clayton, stand above the green at the C-Way Golf Club.

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The Sweet Sounds of Music

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