Time to open the lid on your grill and move the kitchen outdoors

Spice up your backyard barbecue with simple seasonings … [Continue Reading]

Justin Sorensen / NNY Living

An adventure on high awaits

Old Forge is quintessential Adirondacks … [Continue Reading]

A view of Fly Pond, Old Forge. David Patterson photo.

51 Things Every Northern New Yorker Should Do

No matter a native, a transplant, a seasonal resident or a year-rounder, there is an endless supply of fun to be found in the north country. Here are … [Continue Reading]

W. Lars Grater checks sails on the boats being used as part of the Junior Sailing Class at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton last week. The class is one of the programs at the museum designed to get people out to enjoy the river. Amanda Morrison / NNY Living

A survivor’s marathon

North country woman beats stroke to run historic Boston race … [Continue Reading]

Crystal Cockayne holds her medal received for completing the Boston Marathon. Amanda Morrison / NNY Living

Take flight to the city of brotherly love

Philadelphia combines history, art and great food … [Continue Reading]

Philadelphia’s sunset gets an assist from the city’s sparkling skyline and programmable lights that enliven the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Built in 1926, the bridge traverses the Delaware River connecting Philadelphia and New Jersey.


St. Lawrence Valley train expo draws all walks of life

The sounds of engines and the whistling of mini-locomotives added to the clamor of excited children and train enthusiasts alike Sunday during the … [Read More...]

Jennings spearheading dog park efforts, gets NNY foundation involved

City Councilman Stephen A. Jennings is now leading the charge for the city to donate land for a proposed dog park. Mr. Jennings has arranged for … [Read More...]

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